Thanks again for purchasing a set of 'Whiskerbucker' pickups!

The 'Super Scanner' series of pickups has been a lifelong goal for Cream T Pickups and we are proud to be able to bring you 100% electronic reproductions of the ultimate guitar in classic rock. Billy F Gibbons '59 Les Paul known around the world as 'Pearly Gates' has been heard on countless records and now you own part of what makes those that great tone. 

As a thank you we would like to offer you the opportunity to WIN a set of 'BFG Bangers'. These pickups currently sit in our 'Signature' series and are the result of a collaboration between Billy F Gibbons & Thomas Nilsen (Cream T Pickups). Billy has used these pickups live for the past decade.


How to enter!

We want to hear your 'Whiskerbucker' pickups in action so we are asking you to shoot a video of at least 1minute 30seconds length showcasing the awesome tone of these pickups. Once you have recorded the clip upload to YouTube with 'Cream T Pickups Whiskerbucker Billy F Gibbons demo' in the title and email the link to with 'Whiskerbucker Promo Video' as the subject.

Things we will consider:

  • Production value: quality of audio & video.
  • Narrative: the structure of the video & whether you decide to tell the story of the 'Whiskerbucker' pickups.
  • Variety of tones: showcasing the clean/od tones in different pickup positions.

We want to give you plenty of time to get your videos in so we will review and pick a winner 1st August 2020. 

Good luck!

Hear the 'BFG Bangers' in action below...