"Cream T Pickups are doing something very special. I feel safe recommending his products to anyone wanting to compliment their builds with equally top quality pickups."
Elwood Francis, Billy F Gibbons Guitar Tech
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"Gibbon's Delicacy" Denis
I had a real first session of Whiskerbucker trimming, here is a simple feedback.
They are of a gibbon's delicacy. A very homogeneous tone(s) spectrum and a usfull controlled dynamic.
I am impressed by the ''sweet powerfull'' that results and which finishes my Les paul .
A success and a discovery!
Thank you and take care

"Clear, articulate and mellow" John Swaney
Just installed a set of BFG Whiskerbuckers into a 2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional. Delighted with them. A big step up from the stock Gibson pickups. Clear, articulate and mellow. A very happy customer
Best wishes. 

"These pups are massive!!!" Richard Marchand
I ordered a set of WhiskerBuckers on a Monday. I recieved them on Friday of the same week! I had them installed the following Thursday. They replaced a great set of Bill Lawrence Pick ups in my Les Paul. These pups are massive!!! I can not be happier with the product, the service, and the package as a whole. I would highly recommend this company and their products to anyone looking for some instant Mojo!!!

Even the Mrs popped her head round the door to say "That sounds nice!" Andy H 
I received the pickups today and popped them straight into the R8. Mate, you're not wrong about these. They're amazing. Truly. They're so much clearer and have more character than the Burstbuckers. Even the Mrs (who normally doesn't say anything about my guitars) popped her head round the door to say "That sounds nice!" So that's quite a ringing endorsement.

"I have to say that this Cream T pickup wins hands down" Denis Robinson
I have just installed a Cream T ‘Caster’ Telecaster bridge pickup in my 2011 60th Anniversary USA Tele and it is perfect. I set up and repair guitars for a living, and I have come across most of the regular brands, but I have to say that this Cream T pickup wins hands down, it is powerful and punchy yet still retains the Tele tone and twang, and the individual string balance is spot on. The rope binding is a nice touch, as is attention to detail like protective tape covering the fine hook-up wire.