PA Hire - Available From Ormskirk

From pubs and clubs to large halls, we have the perfect PA for your next event. 

Whether you just need a speaker or a require a full setup complete with lights, subwoofers and a mixing desk our PA can be rented in parts and used as standalone units.

What we supply

  • Portable PA
  • Individual Speakers
  • Stands
  • Bass Bins/ Subs
  • Mixing Desks
  • Heaphones
  • Lighting
  • Cables, Wires & Power Supplies
  • Wired & Wireless Microphones
  • and more...

Perfect for:

  • DJs
  • Clubs
  • Installations
  • Musicians
  • Church Events
  • Open Mic
  • PR Companies
  • Public Speakers
  • Community Projects
  • Festivals
  • Outdoor Events
  • Small to medium sized venues
  • Seminars
  • Presentations

With prices starting from just £50 we can suite any budget. 
If you would like a quote or some free advice please give us a call on 01695 570023

Alternatively please check out our most rented packages below.


Up to 50 audience members!

The Alto Mixpack Express is the perfect ultra portable PA to suit gigs in small venues. Boasting 350 Watts of power, this lightweight portable system packs together into a compact package on wheels.

Perfect for singers who use backing tracks, open mic nights and public speakers.


  • 350 Watts of continuous power
  • Lightweight, one-piece design for convenient transport
  • Two 10” speakers with cables included
  • Built-in mixer with seven-band graphic EQ and XLR, line and RCA inputs
  • Integrated Alesis DSP with 24-bit effects including reverb, delay and chorus

Available to hire for £50

Need microphones, lights and other accessories?
Please give us a call for a quotation or some free advice
01695 570023



Up to 200 audience members

Superior sound for the gigging musician who wants a loud speaker that packs a punch with exceptional clarity. Our Line 6 StageSource speakers can even be hired individually and used as standalone units.

Perfect for gigging musicians who perform with acoustic instruments and events in medium sized venues.

Specs (per speaker)

  • 1,400 Watt
  • Max SPL: 132db
  • Mixer Inputs: x2 Mic/Line
  • Built in reverb and mod effects
  • 3 band EQ
  • 12 band feedback suppression
  • 2 x 10" extended range woofers, 1" exit compression driver
  • Weight: 57.5kg 
  • Comes in a padded case on wheels

Available to hire for £60 (1 speaker) £75 (pair)

Need microphones, lights and other accessories?
Please give us a call for a quotation or some free advice
01695 570023


Up to 400 audience members

If you require nightclub levels of sound then renting our complete setup might be for you.

Two Line 6 L3T speakers, two L3s Bass Bins and a StageScape M20d mixing desk is the perfect setup for a gigging band who want to mic up the full band and really show off their sound and for DJs who want to keep the audience dancing with exceptional punch and clarity. 


  • 5K Rig
  • 1,400 Watt per speaker, 1,200 watt per sub
  • Subs and speakers come in padded cases on wheels
  • Smart mixing desk with built in effects

Available to hire for £200

Need microphones, lights or even a sound engineer?
Please give us a call for a quotation or some free advice
01695 570023


Don't need to rent a full PA?

We also hire out our accessories so that you can have the perfect setup for your next event. 

Bundled prices starting from just £25

Equipment List

  • Dynamic Microphones (wired & wireless)
  • Drum Kit Microphones
  • Microphone Stands
  • Speaker Stands
  • Lead Packs
  • Mixing Desks

Something missing? Give us a call and we will do our best to facilitate. 
01695 570023



Suitable identifcation will be required before hire and in some circumstances a deposit will be needed.