Many people hire an instrument for the early stages until they are sure they'll take to it. We have a range of hire packages to get you started, with beneficial discounts if you buy later on.

Your instrument is pre-checked before you collect to ensure it is in perfect playing condition. You can return the instrument at any time for maintenance work (which is free except for damage), or to end the hire agreement.

Basic Outline for Hire

You hire for a minimum of 3 months. You then have three options:

  • Hand the instrument back and cease payments.
  • After renting the instrument for 24 months it automatically becomes yours.
  • At any point after the initial three months you can opt to buy the instrument and get 50% of all your monthly hire payments taken off the purchase price of the instrument stated on the initial hire agreement.

To hire an instrument please contact us on the number below an we will make arrangements for you to call in. A copy of the hire agreement can be e-mailed to you before you come and collect your instrument. Please bring personal ID (driving license or passport etc) Proof of address (recent household bill or bank statement etc) a Payment Card (credit or debit card) and Bank Details (eg. Cheque Book). It takes only 15-20minutes to set up.

If you need any further advice please call us on 01695 570023