If I can't find a particular product on your website is it possible to order the item with you?
Yes! We will do everything we can for you to get the product you desire. If we cannot get hold of the particular model, then we'll try to give you the best advice - either on an alternative model you may be equally interested in or otherwise where to find said model. To do so please get in touch with us
Your price is more expensive than another site!
This shouldn't be the case, but in such a circumstance where this is genuine, we'll try to match the price or even go cheaper as best we can.

Where can I find out about Instruments and Equipment?
Our staff are well informed and more than happy to give tips and advice on whatever you have to ask them (as long as it's music related!). We also offer brilliant tutors who can teach a wide variety of styles and instruments, so if that's what you're looking for, head over to the music tuition section of the site!

Can I place my order by telephone instead of over your website?
Yes, of course. Simply just give us a ring on the number found in our info section. We can take your payment using our secure SagePay system.

If I register online, will you send me lots of junk mail?
Certainly not! We will only send you messages regarding the status of your order, and if you wish a Sound Affects a newsletter once every few weeks. We will not pass your details onto anyone else.

What is your guarantee and returns policy?
All the information you need to know concerning returning your purchase can be found in our Customer Services section.

How do I know you have received my order?
We will tell you! You will be sent a confirmation email to let you know where we're at with your product.

Can I collect my order from you in person?
Yes of course! If you'd rather pick up your order from the shop, just give us an email or ring to let us know, and we'll hold it here for you and decide on a suitable date for you to pick it up.

What happens if my order gets damaged during delivery?
We'll repair or refund if such a thing happens. Please check our delivery information under Customer Services for such an incident for information.

What do I do if I'm really pleased with your products and service?
Tell everyone you know!