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How to fix an out of phase Strat / Tele with vintage wiring.

Stratocaster with vintage wiringIf you have a Stratocaster that is out of phase, then you can try this simple tech tip to resolve.Please note, this only works on a Strat that has standard ’50s wiring without any additional mods. What we want to do is swap the wires on the middle pickup. Take the wire from the middle pickup that goes to ground, and solder that to the switch as a hot wire. Finally you can take the Hot wire and solder that to the ground (on the potentiometer). Telecaster... Read More


Billy F Gibbons Guitar Tech Elwood Francis on Cream T Pickups

Our good friend Elwood Francis has shared some comments on Cream T Pickups and the story behind how Thomas started working with Billy F Gibbons. “I’ve been working with Billy F. Gibbons since 1995, looking after his guitar and various electronics. My previous experience includes Joe Perry, Steve Vai, Izzy Stradlin and Gilby Clarke of Guns & Roses…The Black Crowes….and so on….. I’ve quietly been around the block. Mr. Gibbons and his famous 1959 Gibson Les Paul, Pearly Gates, have become a benchmark of quality in the industry. As you’d... Read More


How accurate are guitar pickup output readings?

Can you blindly rely on the value of resistance when you measure the Ohm on a handheld multimeter? The Answer is no. Why? In this blog I will touch the basics on why we can’t solely rely on this! First let’s look at multimeters that people can buy in various shops and online stores. When you try to buy a multimeter and search online, you will see there are thousands of different brands and models. The small cheapest multimeters can give you a rough pinpoint, but will ultimately give you... Read More