Introducing the ‘Friday Corner’ video series!

Each week we’ll be releasing a short video containing news, sound clips and a behind the scenes insight into the world of pickup building. This week Thomas is looking at why it is important to consider your environment when reading the output of a pickup. Has your guitar been in a cold space prior to a gig? Are you playing in a hot venue?Are you playing outdoors?All of these environments will produce a different output reading so it is important to consider that when dialling in your tone. More on... Read More


Cream T ‘Bolero’ & ‘BFG Banger’ HSS Demo

Watch Steve Kay demo a set of Cream T HSS pickups made up of: Neck – Bolero Middle – Bolero Bridge – BFG Banger Humbucker You can hear more from Steve here:… Steve recorded the pickups using his Patrick James Eggle ’96’ through a Victory V30 MKII amplifier into a Boss TAE and then into a Two Notes C.A.B M. More about the pickups… BFG Bangers After years of work between Thomas (Cream T Pickups) and Billy F Gibbons the BFG Bangers were born. If you want a pickup... Read More


Cream T Pickups ‘BFG Banger’ Demo

Listen to Stuart Shields demo the ‘BFG Banger’ Billy Gibbons signature pickups by Cream T Pickups. ‘After years of work between Thomas (Cream T Pickups) and Billy F Gibbons the BFG Banger Buckers were born. If you want a pickup that has been tweaked to perfection by a legendary guitarist and boutique pickup winder look no further. Thomas is renowned for working closely with artists to achieve the tone they desire and Billy F Gibbons has now used the BFG Banger Buckers on stage for the last 10 years! The... Read More