Tonemob Podcast | Scanning the ‘Pearly Gates’

Big thanks to Blake from The Tone Mob for inviting Thomas of Cream T on to the podcast. If you haven’t already follow The Tone Mob on your chosen streaming platform or listen via their site. You can also support The Tone Mob here On the latest episode of The Tone Mob hear Thomas talk about his time scanning Billy F Gibbons ‘Pearly Gates’ guitar and how he almost didn’t make it home! Is the ‘Pearly Gates’ cursed? Listen here Here are some useful links for The Tone MobSpotify |... Read More


Thomas Nilsen on the latest episode of ‘The 440 Guitar Podcast’

Listen to the latest episode of ‘The 440 Guitar Podcast’ featuring Thomas Nilsen of Cream T Pickups. What 440 Podcast have to sayIn this episode Jerrell speaks with Thomas Nilsen, founder of Cream T Pickups. Thomas has made pickups for artist such as Derek Trucks, Billy Gibbons, Lenny Kravitz and many others. He describes growing up with the curiosity to take a part his guitar and learn how it works at an early age. Ever since the company started, he has been able to capture frequencies in his pickups that... Read More


‘Whiskerbucker’ Pickups receive Editors Choice Badge!

Huge thanks to the guys at for reviewing the Billy F Gibbons ‘Whiskerbucker’ pickups and giving them 9/10. The pickups also received the Editors Choice badge! You can read the full review here ‘When it comes to humbucker tone, original PAFs are indisputably the toughest act to follow but installing the WhiskerBuckers in no way diminished the sound of our guitar. If you favour the juicy midrange grind of hotter PAFs with harmonics that can be pinched out at will, this pickup set is pretty astonishing.’ – Huw... Read More


“Oracle” Scanner Reveals the Secrets of Handwound Pickups

Our good friends at have interviewed Thomas Nilsen of Cream T Pickups. In this article Thomas talks about some of the work he has done with artists such as Billy F Gibbons and gives a rare insight into the mystery of the ‘Oracle’ pickup scanner used to create the ‘Whiskerbucker‘ pikcups. Read the full article here.