Tonepedia x Cream T

Tonepedia allows gear enthusiasts to discover, test and experience guitars/gear online. We’re always looking for more ways to let you hear Cream T Pickups so we jumped at the opportunity to work with the guys at Tonepedia. THE PROCESS We sent off a range of Cream T pickups to the Tonepedia HQ in Germany. These pickups are then installed in a selection of guitars and set up to ensure optimal performance. The guitars are then handed over to a session musician to play a range of styles on the different... Read More


Cream T x Reverb: Gibson PAF Pickups

Thomas Nilsen of Cream T Pickups was recently interviewed by for their latest article on PAF pickups. Thomas has played over 60 sets of vintage PAF pickups in his time building pickups which is why Reverb reached out for his opinion and anecdotes. You can read the full article here


Tonemob Podcast | Scanning the ‘Pearly Gates’

Big thanks to Blake from The Tone Mob for inviting Thomas of Cream T on to the podcast. If you haven’t already follow The Tone Mob on your chosen streaming platform or listen via their site. You can also support The Tone Mob here On the latest episode of The Tone Mob hear Thomas talk about his time scanning Billy F Gibbons ‘Pearly Gates’ guitar and how he almost didn’t make it home! Is the ‘Pearly Gates’ cursed? Listen here Here are some useful links for The Tone MobSpotify |... Read More


10/10 Guitarist Magazine Review

Our Billy F Gibbons ‘Whiskerbucker’ pickups have been featured in Guitarist Magazine again!This time loaded into a Patrick James Eggle Macon guitar that was reviewed and received 10/10 ‘Guitarist Gold Award’. Issue 470 is on sale now.Read the review & check out the demo video below:


Ronnie Wood’s 1960 Gibson Les Paul

When it came to designing the packaging for the ‘Whiskerbucker’ pickups complete with all the Billy F Gibbons merchandise it got us thinking “where do we put the slide?”. My initial thought was to drill a hole in the box so that the slide could slot in, I got this idea from when I had the pleasure of meeting Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood back in 2014.After a long chat with Ronnie Wood he wanted me to make a him a special bridge pickup for his Black Beauty Les Paul... Read More


How to fix an out of phase Strat / Tele with vintage wiring.

Stratocaster with vintage wiringIf you have a Stratocaster that is out of phase, then you can try this simple tech tip to resolve.Please note, this only works on a Strat that has standard ’50s wiring without any additional mods. What we want to do is swap the wires on the middle pickup. Take the wire from the middle pickup that goes to ground, and solder that to the switch as a hot wire. Finally you can take the Hot wire and solder that to the ground (on the potentiometer). Telecaster... Read More


Billy F Gibbons Guitar Tech Elwood Francis on Cream T Pickups

Our good friend Elwood Francis has shared some comments on Cream T Pickups and the story behind how Thomas started working with Billy F Gibbons. “I’ve been working with Billy F. Gibbons since 1995, looking after his guitar and various electronics. My previous experience includes Joe Perry, Steve Vai, Izzy Stradlin and Gilby Clarke of Guns & Roses…The Black Crowes….and so on….. I’ve quietly been around the block. Mr. Gibbons and his famous 1959 Gibson Les Paul, Pearly Gates, have become a benchmark of quality in the industry. As you’d... Read More